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V-ART Group Inc.,(Cubic Pictures Inc.)

Setup in 2009, Cubic Pictures Inc., later restructured and renamed as V-ART Group, is a pioneer in 2D to 3D conversion industry, based on dozens of its proprietary and patented technologies in both image processing, projection fields. Upon the reputation built over the years, Cubic Pictures 2D to 3D conversion process DXR® is widely known, endorsed and highly commented by the top production houses, studios, experts and veterans in the field.

Cubic Pictures has the largest production team in the country specializing in 3D conversion process. Its two locations employ over 200 artists highly experienced in all stages across the conversion process. Our facilities have invited or received auditions on data security and management conditions, from such organizations as CDSA, MPAA, as well as individual studio clients such as Universal, SONY etc. For data security and quality control reasons, Cubic Pictures Inc. does not sub-contract any of its work to external entities, unless upon request by clients due to schedule or other constraints.


Movies underwent Cubic Pictures' conversion treatments include, to name but a few: Atlantis[2010 US/Russia]; Flying Swords of Dragon Gate[2011 China]; Mr. Go [2013 China/Korea]; 007: Skyfall [2012 US ]; Detective Dee [2013 China]; Robocop [2014 US]; Kung Fu Hustle 3D[2015 China]; Fast and Furious 7[2015 US]; Monk Comes Down the Mountain [2015 China]; Vanishing Murderer [2015 China]; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 [2016 US]; Huntsman, Winter's War [2016 US]; The Criminal [2016 US]; Now You See Me 2[2016 US]; Sword Master [2016 China]; Journey to the West: Demon Chapter [2017 China]; Operation Red Sea [2018 China] etc. totaling box-office of over 20 billion. Our works also include many shorts and commercials from such clients as Pierre Cardin, Mercedes-Benz, AUO, Hyundai, and municipal governments. V-Art Pictures has proudly provided high quality DXR® services to our clients across the globe, including China, U.S., Korea, and many other territories. Our clients include, but not limited to, big names such as, BONA, SONY/Columbia, Huayi Bros, FOX Studios, Universal, Wanda, China Film Group etc.


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V-ART Group setup in 2009

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