DXR Technology

DXR ®Production

DXR® is applicable to various stills and all types of motion picture content in any resolution and format and output media for many common 3D displays, including 3D theater, 3D TV and boards. DXR® has been applied to dozens of projects including day-and-date blockbusters, commercials, classics from China, U.S., U.K., Canada, Japan, Turkey, Russia etc.

DXR ® Workflow

DXR® can be applied to various stage of a production and is able to smoothly enter any existing workflow, such as day-and-date projects, made in native 3D seeking improvements from DXR® or native 2D for 3D conversion, as well as library contents for release in a new dimension.Given a copy in any digital format or other media, DXR® can be treated simply as a black-box, leaving all the processes to V-Art Pictures?experienced staff and artists. The outcome is a high-quality 3D material targeted for any popular 3D displays.

DXR® can also be applied in projects from the very beginning of their production, through post-production to final release, including VFX, stereoscopic compositing, stereoscopic wire-removal to DCP packaging for 3D Digital Cinema previews.DXR® offers our clients preview and adjustment of stereoscopic material remotely or locally. Clients can monitor, change and preview 3D effects at our production facility or off-site provided that our specialized software is installed on the clients' computer.

DXR ® Strengths

Our extensive production capacities are thorough and meticulous. Our technology & methodology allow V-Art Pictures to provide 3D converted footage which, for materials of most natures, is almost undistinguishable from footage shot in native 3D.Higher efficiency does not only translate into lower cost, but also faster turnaround for projects that may otherwise be out of consideration, such as day-and-date releases. Given similar quality requirement, our 2D to 3D conversion turnaround is faster than that of known peers around the world.

V-Art Pictures handles all contents with the highest security and utmost integrity. We incorporate digital fingerprints, watermarks, encrypted traffics etc. to keep all content secure. Our studio is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

Our team is expanding. We expect to reach 1-2 minutes/day turnaround by the end of 2011. Most full-length features (100 min.) can be converted into 3D using DXR® within 3 months.

Why would I use DXR? conversion instead of shooting in native 3D?
It is usually much less expensive to convert a film into 3D with DXR? compared to shooting in native 3D. The nature of shooting in 3D requires expensive and cumbersome equipment and set up, which can be impractical to use for certain shots, and physically impossible for some others, in addition to more complicated post-production processes. DXR? offers filmmakers more breadth and depth in ways they can communicate the purpose of their film.
Do you agree that direct 3D shooting is usually better than those undergone 2D to 3D conversion?
There have been many titles shot in 3D and the results are worse than those that have undergone a conversion process. These are just a few of the common sources of audience eye fatique: vertical disparity, walleye and color mismatch. Tools are available to correct these problems and repairing them will result in higher costs. However, certain sceneries are easier to shoot in 3D than through DXR?. The conversion processes more or less synthesize textures and are prone to artifacts if not well carried out. Some poorly converted movies are result of tight production time-frame and/or budget. Different processes and conversion technologies have vastly different quality to cost (and timeframe) ratio. Well planned production with mixture of direct shooting and DXR? may yield good results.
Why should I choose V-Art Pictures’ DXR® for 2D to 3D conversion?
Our patent pending DXR? technology is developed specifically for 2D to 3D conversion and provides top quality stereoscopic results with fast turnaround; and a process that is able to smoothly enter any existing workflow; our teams of highly experienced creative and technical staff are fully versed in the artistic and functional aspects of 3D conversion; The ISO certified facility provides a highly secure but transparent work atmosphere between us and our clients.
How do I monitor and control the 3D effects and quality?
Clients can monitor, change and preview 3D effects at our facility or anywhere around the world, provided that small pieces of our specialized software are installed on the clients’ site. DXR® also outputs any media format, including DCP for 3D digital cinema preview, as well as those for 3D TV, 3D projection system, 3D monitors.
How much does your conversion cost?
Given the same budget, DXR? usually yields much better results, whereas given same quality requirements, DXR? works within shorter time-frame and lower costs. Pricing varies depending on nature of content. Please contact us for a detailed proposal on our pricing and services.
How come there is a cost?
There are set-top boxes that do the 2D to 3D conversion automatically nowadays. We also have had research efforts into automated 2D-to-3D conversion, in fact, it’s now part of DXR® technology. However, generally, automated conversion hardly produces the quality we are satisfied with.

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